Mobile Metal Cart

Bring visible difference to your business presentations with a large touch-enabled Full HD LED display that you can swipe and tap your way through presentations to engage and inspire your audience. Support for Microsoft® Office Ink Tools functionality that enable the user to annotate and write on Microsoft® Office documents displayed onscreen.

Have all the latest presentations, information, image files and graphs at the tip of your fingers. Inspire, impress and leave a lasting impression to your viewers with a dazzling business presentation. Comments and discussion notes from the meeting can be seamlessly disseminated to all connected devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The Smart Multimedia Board can be wall mounted or stand mount. Wall mounted Smart Multimedia Board can be blended with corporate meeting room while stand mount provides mobility to the Smart Multimedia Board for sharing within different meeting room or even on special events.

With the Smart Multimedia Board, you can now bring your meetings life by using video conferencing services that communicate video and audio over the internet. The presenter will be able to see and interact with other attendees, share presentations, and more thus savings travelling time and travelling cost.