Our Products


Extend the usability of the smart multimedia board as an output channel with information delivery applications, connect and disseminate human readable information and collaborate in real-time. Our technology road map provide customers with options to choose within the rich multitude of application in making their workplace more effective and productive.

Business Presentations – Bring visible difference to your business presentations with a large touch-enabled 4K UHD display that you can swipe and tap your way through presentations to engage and inspire your audience. Support for Microsoft® Office Ink Tools functionality that enable the user to annotate and write on Microsoft® Office documents displayed onscreen.

Video Conferencing – Reduce your travelling costs, time as well as travel risk. With our Smart Multimedia Boards, the world has literally grown smaller with better communications among your colleagues separated geographically. Increased productivity, shared knowledge and expertise across the workforce to sustain competitive advantage are key benefits to name a few.

Video Wall – Captivate your audience with an immersive and engaging viewing/communicating experience. Video walls are ideal for content and information delivery, offering uninterrupted viewing experience to keep audiences focused and engaged.

Whiteboarding Software – Pre-installed on all our Smart Multimedia Boards, users can take unlimited notes and create pages using the digital display. E-Notes can be saved, emailed or printed according to need. E-Notes can also be distributed and shared over the network via LAN or Wi-Fi.

WayFinder / Information Kiosk – Search for information, facilities and amenities through an interactive touch screen technology. Contents can be updated with an easy to use management tool. Avoid unnecessary downtime and as well as incurring obsolete costs due to pre-printing. With our Smart Multimedia Boards, experience a new level of service efficiency and convenience of information dissemination for promotions, marketing as well as event calendaring.

Browse The Internet – Browse, search and access the internet just like you would with a PC on a big screen. Our Smart Multimedia Boards support all Windows® based browsers.

Wireless Screen casting – Engage your audience by making your lessons and presentations more collaborative and interactive by mirroring what’s on your screen to any device in the room. Wirelessly stream what’s on your screen to the devices of connected participants; students or audience members.

Wireless Microphone – Eliminate the clutters of wires and experience the freedom of going with wireless microphone. Our smart multimedia board is wireless microphone enable for audio technology suitable for video conferencing and voice reinforcement applications such as dictation/transcription, distance learning, PC audio or podcasting. Wireless freedom benefits lets you sit anywhere within a conference/training room or walk around freely during a presentation, web meeting or lecturing session.