Smart Multimedia Board vs Conventional Presentation Methods


Whether your are demonstrating to a class or presenting at a conference, keeping an audience focused on your content is more challenging than it used to be. Conventional presentation method finds it hard to keep the captive audience and distracted students engaged.

Modernize your conventional presentation method with presentation technology tools that provides rich user experience with large touch enable display, rich multimedia content and full high-definition quality.

product_06Key Advantages of Digital White Boarding software vs whiteboard

  • eliminate usage of markers, erasers and direct attached printer
  • unlimited pages for notes taking
  • virtual or direct storage space
  • incorporate multimedia player
  • information update in real time with options to save, store and share via email
  • printing via Wi-Fi or LAN to printer or multi-function device is possible

Key Advantages of Digital Display vs projector

  • no screen, PC/Laptop, projector and cable required for projection
  • no bulb required – zero maintenance cost
  • no warm-up time required
  • no irritating sound and heat emission

Designed to offer holistic solution for meetings from web conferencing to whiteboarding and document sharing for the business and education sector, the smart multimedia board brings a visible difference to your presentations.